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We have talked about Perrault’s Bluebeard, what has interested me is the natural desire from mankind. Another tale with the same theme is Fitcher’s Bird. The story begins with a poor sorcerer named Fitcher who caught the eldest two of three sisters in his home. Unfortunately, they violate Fitcher’s rule and die. However, the youngest sister is clever and she hides the eggs to prevent breaking Fitcher’s claim. After she saves her two sisters and becomes a bird to confuse the sorcerer, her relatives burn the house. Within these two versions, they share similar themes and contents, though Fitcher’s Bird varies with some elements and meanings from Bluebeard.
In both stories, I find that the female characters are full of curiosity and are distrustful towards their husbands. In the Grimm’s story, the eldest sister is portrayed as inquisitive by stating, “She wanted to pass by, but curiosity gave her no rest.” (Grimm, 046) In Bluebeard, Perrault inscribed Bluebeard’s wife once, “…ran down the little staircase so fast she almost tripped and broke her neck…” (Folk and Fairy Tales, 224). Even though Bluebeard’s wife miraculously survived, she still felt depression from getting hurt through breaking their promise. This is a typical reaction to paying the price of a misdeed hence why curiosity usually leads to unbreakable pains and deep regret. But now I question as to what would happen if they never opened the door. In the Grimm’s version, the third sister opens the door without Fitcher noticing, pointing out a huge difference which is the representative element of distrust and...

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