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Persecution And Protection Of Religious Beliefs Around The World

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Despite all of the modern universal changes and although universal declaration of human rights has recognized the right of manifestation of the religion , still there are religious conflicts around the world. There still happen revolutions with religious bases. People are still deprived of the right of applying their religion, while some other are being killed because of their religion views. These happenings can trigger the idea that there should be a special provision in protection of religious liberties. It seems to me that there is not any specialty in religion that should be protected more. However, according to our experiences around the world, there are some features and potential risks in the nature of religion that necessitate specific regulatory measures.
Basically there is nothing special about religious liberties which can make them more important. In fact the mere highlighting a freedom like this, may put the religious and non-religious people in an unequal situation. On the other hand, conflicts, revolutions and crimes like genocide with the religious reasons in the world, make us think about the legal solutions for decreasing these happenings. Before anything we should pay attention to this important fact that, religion can be both in the weak and dangerous position at the same time. In other words religious beliefs can violate many people’s rights in some specific circumstances. For instance, in the case of a religious government, like Iran, where constitutionally Muslims and non Muslims are not equal , official Islam can invade the right of the people who are not Muslim or they do not believe in the in the official presented understanding of Islam. This is not especial provisions that can guarantee the religious freedom of all people in a country like Iran, but this is a matter of government structure and the application of some specific and vital freedoms. In other words recognition of religious liberties would be meaningless unless it is companied by the freedom of speech, gathering and association on one hand and a secular and non-religious government, rules and structure on the other hand.
Religious liberties would only be possible in the case of existence of a secular government. In fact freely existence, manifestation and practice of all religions is only provided and protected by a non-religious government. What we mean here by government includes all the principles, norms and laws that a government should exercise and protect. Therefore, not only the government as executive branch but also the whole regime including all the laws passing by the legislature and all the norms exercised by the courts should be neutral to any religion. It is only with the acceptance of impersonal nature of the government that we can observe equality of the religions. ...

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