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Persecution On Account Of Political Opinion Or Social Group Status

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Imagine what America would be like if people could be arrested or killed for what they believed in or what they looked like. Sounds a lot like Hitler’s Germany, right? Everyone knows that Hitler imprisoned and killed more than 6 million people simply because they practiced Judaism. So how would America be any different if it chose to openly persecute those who practiced Satanism or Islam or if it decided to condemn all the members of the Westboro Baptist Church for preaching what they believed? What if America reinstated the House Un-American Activities Committee, also known as HUAC, that had a bad habit of accusing and persecuting many Americans of treason based on the suspicion that that person might support communism (House Un-American Activities Committee), something that is much less frowned upon today? None of these people are or were hurting anyone; they are simply exercising their freedoms of speech, religion, expression and opinion. Persecuting someone because of what their political opinions are or what social or religious group they would place themselves in is completely unjustifiable by any law in America unless that person is harming or is about to harm another human being. The following arguments are presented to further insist that all social groups deserve social justice.
The first subject to discuss is politics. The reason why everyone’s political opinion is equal is because everyone has a different opinion about politics. It is very rare, if not impossible, to find two people who completely agree on every aspect as to how a country should run. In fact, there are well of a hundred different registered political parties all across America, all with very distinct opinions. Three of those parties include 1) the American Nazi Party, which is exactly what its name suggests, 2) the Communist Party USA, which would have been shut down and all members arrested for treason if it existed in the 1950s (House Un-American Activities Committee), and 3) the Prohibition Party, which surprisingly still exists today (Gunzburger). Each of these parties exist because it is each members rights as an American citizen to practice their freedoms of assembly and speech, even when what they speak of is strongly disagreed with by the majority of Americans. Persecuting someone because they have a different set of opinions than the majority threatens to take away that person’s first amendment rights (First Amendment).
America also has freedom of religion, which protects everyone’s right to believe in whatever they wish to believe in. All Americans also have the right to practice whatever their religion may be, as long as it is not harmful to anyone and does not break any laws. Therefore it would go against every human right to take away those freedoms and begin discouraging certain religions and persecuting those who practice those religions, much like Adolf Hitler did to the Jewish people in many areas of Europe in the 1940s. It was by witnessing the evils...

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