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When Professor Sloan asked the class to interview someone in our profession, I was thrilled with the idea of talking to someone who could guide me in the field of Allergy and Immunology. I eagerly went home, and without a minute to waste, I looked for the Yellow Pages with all the phone listings. As I was sitting on my couch, I diligently looked through the Yellow Pages for local Allergy and Immunology clinics in my area.
The first office that I called is five minutes away from my house. When the receptionist answered the phone, I introduced myself, and I also stated the reason for my call. The receptionist replied, “I am boss is on vacation, and she is the only one that could help you." I asked her, "When will she be back?" The receptionist said, "Not until mid December." Before I ended the call, transferred me to her boss’s voicemail, so I left a message with all my information, but I was not expecting her to call me back. I was in distress, but I took a deep breath of air, and I called the other clinics in Hialeah, FL. Each clinic gave me a list of excuses on why they cannot help me! One of my favorite excuses was, "our office is located at Kendall." I shook my head in amazement because the number is registered in Hialeah, FL. At this point I felt frustrated and desperate! After being turned down nine times, I quit for the day.
The next day, I went to my primary care doctor's office because my left knee was hurting. He examined my knee, and said, "You need to see my colleague, who is an orthopedic doctor." So, he schedules an appointment for December 4th. Even though Allergy and Immunology would be my ideal choice in medicine, I am opened minded to learn about other fields in medicine. So, I was thrilled because not only was I going to get proper treatment for my knee, but I thought of interviewing the doctor during my visit. Unfortunately, I received a call on the week of Thanksgiving that my appointment was rescheduled for January 4th because the doctor acquired H1N1 Flu. All the doors of opportunity were being slammed in my face, and I would have to continue to self medicate until January!
During Thanksgiving break, I continued my search, but this time I was searching for an internist or pediatrician. These are the only two branches in medicine that will lead me to the subspecialty of Immunology. I called a few internal medicine clinics; however, no one wanted to give me the time of day. So, I moved down the list, and I finally was able to contact a pediatric clinic who was willing to help me. I originally wanted to interview Dr. Zoila Allen, which is the name listed in the Yellow Pages, except she was on vacation. As a result, the receptionist said that I could interview her stand-in, Dr. Diana Torres. The receptionist said I had to wait until the doctor was done with all her patients. I said, "No problem." So, she scheduled my interview for December 3rd at 4:30 PM with Dr. Diana Torres. The day before the interview, I took...

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