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Person Centered Counselling With Youths Experiencing Career Challenges 1

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Choosing a career often poses as a challenge to the youth of today. The Youth are faced with the dilemma of choosing a vocation that is suitable for them. Their decision can be influenced by several factors like their own personal interests, skills, familial or peer influences and life context. Being in this stage is a major turning point in the life of a teenager. This marks the beginning of their journey towards choosing a career path that often starts at middle school up to their senior year in high school. In this phase, the existence of strong parental support can gradually build confidence and determination to find a good career. Schools also have the responsibility to students not only for developing their problem-solving skills, self-awareness, and social consciousness, but for equipping them as well to earn a living in a personally satisfying career field. In fact, most schools have established their own career development ...view middle of the document...

Career choices can be made confidently and appropriately by each person depending on their own self-awareness and values in life.

Adolescence is a time of transition from childhood into adulthood. Changes unfold gradually and touch upon various aspects of the person’s biological, sociological, emotional and cognitive development. Adolescents are faced with numerous challenges in their path towards self development and discovery. In Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development the adolescent age (13-19 years) belong to a stage called Identity VS Role Confusion. In this stage adolescents may ponder on roles that they might play in the adult world. Initially, they are apt to experience some role confusion—mixed ideas and feelings about the specific ways in which they will fit into society—and may experiment with a variety of behaviors and activities (e.g. tinkering with cars, baby-sitting for neighbors, affiliating with certain political or religious groups) Gross (1987). Erickson theory states that adolescents strive to achieve a sense of identity finding a reconciliation between who they want to be and the person that society expects them to become. As young people move towards adulthood, they face a range of challenges which require them to make difficult life and learning choices. They need help to understand their options and to make informed decisions (DCSF, 2007, para 5.15, p112). Youth in this stage become increasingly independent. They acquire and manage greater responsibility, and take on an active role in their own learning and development. In order to be successful, young people need both skills and knowledge, but they also need to be able to make effective learning choices, to find and keep work, and to play an effective role in the economic and civic life within their community. Schools assist young people to carefully think about how their learning will be more useful in life after schooling. This can be done through Career Learning programs that aim to match young people to the labor market and equip learners to manage their life and learning. It also complements career guidance, which is generally provided on an individual basis to support individual decision-making.

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