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Personal Activity Report: Personality Profile And Program Design For Running

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To maintain well-being of body and mind, one must engage in a routine of exercise regularly (Szabo, 2013). However, no one could engage in all forms of exercise, some people’s personality may suits certain exercises. Tok (2011) stated that a person’s level of extraversion and neuroticism influences his/her decision of their desired sport. Therefore, I will make up a detailed personality profile for myself to co-relate which activity I am going to partake. Workout plans made will serve as guideline, along with motivational strategies for me to regularly engage in this activity. The following test was taken in order to find out which goals are achievable and which weaknesses to overcome.
Personality Profile
In this plan, I had chosen running as my regular exercise. I will list out my personality traits based on The Big Five personality test. The Table 1 below shows the result of the test taken by myself.
Table 1

Results of Big Five Personality Test

Traits Score
Openness 20
Conscientiousness 17
Extraversion 15
Agreeableness 38
Neuroticism 60
Note: Lowest level = 0, Highest level = 100

Traits analysis
I will explain each trait below and how it is associated to my decision to choose running as my regular exercise.
Openness test. Yap & Lee (2013) stated that the level of openness depends on a person’s interest in learning new things. A high level score in openness indicates that a person is comfortable in exploring new options, whereas a low level of openness shows a person prefers routines he is familiar with (Yap & Lee, 2013). Outdoor adventurous sports such as mountain climbing attract people with high level of openness. My low score of 20 in this category shows that my personality is conventional and down-to-earth. Running exercise does not bring in much new experiences; it consists of routine exercise over familiar running routes.
Conscientiousness test. A person who has a high sense of commitment is able to perform at sports which has high demand of mental and physical levels (Tok, 2011). However, Yap & Lee (2013) argued that conscientiousness also prevents a person from engaging in high risk sports, as the individual tends to think twice before acting which results in slow reaction to emergency situations. Sports such as basketball attracts a person with high level of conscientiousness as it encourages the player to work hard and improve himself to be excel at that particular sport. My low score of 17 in conscientiousness test indicates that I prefer to act first without thinking and I do not strive to work hard to improve my sport activity. Running exercise does not require much thinking and it does not have a high demand in physical standards.
Extraversion test. Individuals with high level of extraversion will be more interested in sports with high level of social interactions. Tok (2011) pointed out that there is a relationship between the levels of extraversion and conscientiousness, as they can determine the...

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