Personal Analysis Paper: How I Learned About Marriage

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This paper was written for my "Sex & The Family" class as a personal analysis of how I learned about marriage having come from what I consider the "standard" family structure. Father, mother, brother, myself.Personal Analysis Paper: How I Learned About MarriageThroughout my life I have been raised with the belief that a person only falls in love and get married once, and though I still hold this idea as a model for my future I have found it interesting how I ultimately learned or was taught that this was the appropriate way. The aspects of how I learned about marriage from the fact that my parents have stayed together through thick and thin for 35 years, to finding out in my middle school years that many of my friends parents have divorced and re-married at one time or another will be the focus of the rest of this paper.The elements of my family are a mother and father, (who have been married for over 35 years now), and a brother who is six years my elder, (and probably won't be discussed throughout the entirety of this paper since he has little to do with how I learned about marriage). Characteristics of my family are as follows: my father is hardworking, intelligent, loving, and religious; my mother is loving, caring, hardworking, and religious; my older brother is hardworking, intelligent, not religious, and has truly tested the bonds of my parents love with his involvement with drugs and the law; finally I believe that I am caring, intelligent, somewhat religious, and have also tested my parents relationship through involvement with the law, (though not to the extent as my brothers and not as a result of drugs).The relationships are somewhat obvious that my parents were the providers for my brother and I, (though he is 28 and doesn't live with us anymore), my brother and I got along fairly well, (he teased me sometimes as most brothers I think do with younger siblings), until he started his rapid descent into drugs which in turn made us nothing alike anymore. My parents have always been able to work out their troubles and differences making for an overall healthy marriage. Though my father and brother have always gotten along better than my father and I, in retrospect my mother and I have always gotten along better than her and my brother. Though with age I believe these relationships between my brother, myself, and our parents have pretty much averaged out because my brother has gotten his life back in order as well as I have, and we are both moving toward the kind of future we should have been on track for in the first place.The interdependent relationships that exist in my family I think are almost classical to any family with parents raised in the early to mid 40's like mine were. We all depended on my father to bring home the "bread," play catch with us, and toss us around in the pool, etc; and though my mother did have a few years of college and was a licensed beautician she was more interested in raising my brother and I than...

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