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Personal Application Essay

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Personal Statement of Mu-Yi Tsai
I was born in Taiwan where people are passionate and enthusiastic. I have grown up in a society where people respect and welcome different thoughts and beliefs. Until 2005 my family moved to Guangdong as my father’s job requirement. China has been developing rapidly over the past 20 years. I integrated into Chinese society pretty soon although both are quite different in many ways. I had made a lot of acquaintance with local students in the schools and had a wonderful study in high school to win the scholarships for three consecutive years. In 2011, I passed the high school entrance examination and got admitted to Dongguan Middle School which is the best one ...view middle of the document...

I have been writing diary every day for more than ten years. This habit not only drives me to work on things more persistently, but also to function as an examination of my behavior and speech. By keeping record of my daily life, feelings for the people and comments on the events, I have also grown to be more aware of my self-reflection. This also benefits me on my writing skills as years have passes through. Furthermore, I have also become more confident in my social life due to the self-encouragement through the diaries. And the most important thing is, I am willing to share my diaries to my families and friends as a good way to help us recall our memories.
Being a very cheerful and optimistic girl, I have found making people happy especially delights me. As the monitor of the class, I have organized my peers to show the best in volleyball, basketball and chorus competitions. With unity and endless efforts, we won the championships finally. I have also designed and created various kinds of birthday celebrations for my classmates, such as making blessing videos, drawing pictures and writing blessing words on the board of the class, assembling peers to show blessing words on the playground. The classmates are often surprised with smiles and tears when facing such special birthday gifts. This led to a stronger connection among the class and we were literally a big family within the first year of high school.
One thing that makes me a super star in school is that I am the director of the school radio station. I have devoted myself and...

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