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Personal Principles and Values
A personal principle that I must live by is to never limit your potential, and spiritual guidance will direct you in the right path. Another personal principle is to also learn and grow. People will make mistakes, but you have to learn from them to make smarter decision. I don’t believe that anyone should set limit for themselves. I believe that persistence is the best way to attain what you want out of life. The Nike slogan, “Just Do It” installs a deep value. The reward of one’s hard work is enticing on the outside, but it takes commitment within to reach success. There will be obstacles when you’re striving for success. How a person handles their obstacle is up to them. If anything obstacles build your character and offer endurance. I also value spiritual guidance because it installs tranquility, level of respect for human beings, encourage family and co-workers, and keep you surrounded by positive and influential people.
Social Background
I realized that in spite your circumstances, there are resources that help you with your career ambition if you’re willing to network yourself. I grew up in a rural community; there weren’t many venues in my hometown. Television shows, movies, and book spark my vivid imagination because of its story-telling. I felt that the best way to capture imaginative thoughts that flood in my mind is to convert it on paper. This equipped me to make a career transition to a screenwriter.
I grew up in a working middle class family. I was always instructed to work hard and be productive in life. My early role models were my parents. My father taught me to not afraid to pursue your dreams. My father worked in a factory plant during the 1980s. He had ambitions to own an electrical company, and took a leap of faith to become that. My father didn’t consider the impossibility. He just knew in his heart that he wanted to become an entrepreneur. My father attended community college to study electrician, where he graduated with honors in 1991. He received his business license in 1992. My father named his company after his 3 children, TT&T Electrical Services. Today my father is a successful electrician entrepreneur throughout the Sandhills, NC regions. I am a natural-born leader, receiving my business mentality from my father. My mother is a genuine person that loves serving the community. This led me to motivate people, help the less fortunate, and give counseling services to people.
Strengths Assessment
Big Five Assessment: Conscientiousness: I’m very well-organized, and can be relied upon-95%; Agreeableness-I tend to consider the feelings of others-79%; Openness to Experience/Intellect: I typically don’t seek out new experience-59%; Extraversion: I probably enjoy spending quiet time along-18%; and Neuroticism-I remain calm, even in tense situation-5%.
Strength Finder Assessment: My highest score was on learner, communication, and focus at 93%. My 2nd highest score was on includer and...

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