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Self Assessment. Essay

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Self Assessment and Reflection PaperAbstractThe amount of one's success can best be determined simply by understanding their style. By style, I am not speaking of a particular hairstyle or way of dress, but of a learning style. Learning styles are different approaches to learning. Just as one's personality can be as unique as that individual, so can one's learning style. Properly identifying an individual's learning style can help to facilitate effective learning. I believe that one never stops learning. We have the opportunity to learn every moment of our lives, be in the time of day or the secret to growing old gracefully. Therefore, I am committed to being a lifelong learner. With that, I accept the fact that I may face many challenges and opportunities for growth.Personal Learning StyleThe amount of one's success can best be determined simply by understanding their style. By style, I am not speaking of a particular hairstyle or way of dress, but of a learning style. Learning styles are different approaches to learning. And just as one's personality can be as unique as that individual, so can one's learning style. Properly identifying an individual's learning style can help to facilitate effective learning.Learning styles are broken down into three components: Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. Visual learners learn through seeing. Auditory learners learn through listening. Kinesthetic learners learn through moving, doing or touching.Visual learners utilize visualized information as a picture to aid in memory. Theytend to prefer face-to-face conversations, as they need to see body language and facial expressions to fully understand the content of a conversation. In a classroom setting, they learn best when pictures, charts and maps, are used as opposed to written material. Visual learners often take detailed notes filled with diagrams and illustrations.Auditory learners learn best through listening to verbal communication. Auditorylearners are able to identify underlying meanings of speech through listening to tone of voice, pitch, speed and other nuances. They prefer to participate in classroom discussions and debates.Kinesthetic learners learn best through a hands-on approach. They tend to learn best by physically experiencing the lesson being taught. Kinesthetic learners prefer to stay active and may become distracted by their need for exploration, if sitting for long periods.After utilizing the learning styles chart taken from Colin Rose's Accelerated Learning (1987), I was able to determine that I am a visual learner. Which upon reflection makes sense, as I am often that person in the first row at school straining my neck to see the professor as he delivers his lecture. I prefer face-to face conversation, as opposed to speaking over the telephone. And as I review my colorfully highlighted notes that document every detail of the professor's lecture, my learning style is confirmed.Strengths & OpportunitiesThe fact that I am a visual...

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