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Everyone has a story of where they came from, their ancestral heritage, and the class in society in which they were raised. In our journey of self-discovery we experience different events, and encounter people from diverse backgrounds that influence who we are, and aide us in finding our true selves. The many life events and individuals that are encountered from childhood to adulthood have an influence not only on our desire to pursue higher education, but also on our political views. While some are blessed to live a privileged life, face little struggle, and have every opportunity available, others are not so fortunate. Growing up I lived an underprivileged life, where I faced a struggle not only with my socioeconomic status, but also with pursuing higher education, which has significantly influenced my political views. Like Richard Rodriguez in his autobiography, “Hunger of Memory,” I realized at a young age that devoting myself to education was the only escape from the life I was brought into. In my pursuit of higher education and redefining my socioeconomic status, I have faced various financial obstacles that I’ve had to overcome. Through my education, and exposure to different class struggles, I have become politicized in a way similar to that of Oscar Acosta in “Revolt of the Cockroach People.” My relationship with my husband and his family has also had an everlasting effect on my politicization, similar to Maria in “Mother Tongue,” who becomes politicized by the influences of her first love, Jose Luis, and her godmother, Soledad. Every major life event and person I meet, whether negative or positive, has an influence on my life, and the advancement of my political views.
I do not define myself based on race, after all I come from a large family of mixed heritage, with two of my siblings being half African American. I have never been fond of defining a person based on the pigment of their skin because in my eyes we are all the same, despite the excess or lack of melanin present in our most superficial layer. I will not deny that racism is not a current day issue, and that some people will not look past what meets the eye and accept people for who they truly are. But to solely blame ones race for life’s struggles and an underprivileged life is unrealistic in the current day United States society that is becoming ever more racially homogenous. Is race really the blame for an underprivileged life, or is it rather the socioeconomic status that causes a series of life events leading to an underprivileged life?
My maternal grandfather was an immigrant from Sicily, Italy, who came over on a boat to Ellis Island, with his mother and two older siblings to pursue a better life with opportunity. He became a “scholarship boy” (Rodriguez 49) and through determination and hard work, he became a civil engineer, designed infrastructures and developed inventions for the government, and was extremely successful. My maternal grandmother on the other hand,...

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