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Personal Banks In Seatle Washington: Washington Federal

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Personal Banking
Washington Federal provides basic personal banking products and services for the convenience and maximum financial benefits of its customers. The personal banking includes Deposit Rates, Checking, Savings, CDs, & Money Markets, Retirement, Education Savings, Save at School, Credit Cards, Mobile Banking, snap! - Financial Management, eStatements and Email Alerts.

CDs of Washington Federal provide competitive rates with FDIC-insured security of principal. Terms can be easily chosen from 14 days up to five years, rates vary according to needs.

As a leading finance operator, Washington Federal assumes the responsibility for protecting customers personal information. Personal ...view middle of the document...

Commercial Real Estate
With history of experience in investing in real estate industry, Washington Federal is your source for multi-family, income property, spec construction financing and residential real estate development.

Community Business Banking
While with broad customer bases and expansive business lines, Washington Federal is rooted in the dedication to community business development. The company has formed a team of Community Business Banking officers located everywhere in the local branches, with their sole serving purpose for the growth and development of small businesses in the community. The service package includes advantageous rates, business loans, commercial investment and customized financial counseling.

Wholesale Lending
Qualified or non-qualified mortgage loan? In Washington Federal, it’s no longer a hassle to determine which category that you belong to and which approach has to be adopted for application? The company is conducting self-designed internal underwriting process to assess your qualification. Same pricing, same quality, common-sense underwriting will be supplied as a sumup.

As a leader in the financial industry, Washington Federal is actively seeking for partnership with companies from all walks of business line. Washington Federal has the insight to discover that building a strategic partnership with a worthy counterpart is a win-win solution benefiting both. To grow the partner interest, Washington Federal provides best custom construction financing, flexible underwriting, competitive loan lendings, and a wider range of quality loans and features.
Not only Washington Federal will be a gainer in winning your business, the partner will receive guidance, expertise and connections from Washington Federal to stand out from competition, earn profits and make client base grow.

Corporate Responsibility

Locals Know Best
Washington Federal takes pride in the communities it serves and is devoted to helping those with the same commission to make communities a better place to live and work. It is always the company’s policy to support local charitable organizations. To serve this purpose, Washington Federal launched Locals Know Best, a community giving program to ask for help from the community members. Locals has since nominated and selected more than 50 of the charities and non-profits in urgent need.

Washington Federal Foundation
Washington Federal gives its relationships with local communities with as important priority as it shares with stockholders, customers and employees. The company is...

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