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Whenever something goes wrong there is a reason for it. More often than not this comes around to the fault of a human being, and in cases where it can be hard to determine that culprit usually did the action unintentionally. Just because that person did not purposefully commit a discretion does not mean that it was not their fault. Somewhere along the road before deciding on the wrong choice the culprit could have looked over something or made a smaller wrong decision which over time escalated into a major problem. Mary Shelley's novel, Frankenstein, reveals how everyone must take full liability for their actions, even if the results of those actions were indirect or unintentional; without this responsibility, side effects of actions would cause widespread harm.
Despite the rash actions that Victor takes, he ultimately does assume complete responsibility for the creature that he brought into being. After the monster murders William, Justine is then tried for the murder. Victor accepts that it was his fault even though he was not the one that actually murdered him: "But I, the true murderer, felt the never-dying worm alive in my bosom, which allowed of no hope or consolation" (74). Victor felt as if he had actually murdered both children because he had created the murderer. Even though in the end Justine took the official blame, Victor seized the responsibility so he took steps towards catching the monster and stopping him from killing anyone else. If he was not concerned with it being his fault one way or another he would not have continued to try to put the monster to rest. Later on, while Victor is creating a companion for the monster, he realizes the implications of a second creation: "Had I right, for my own benefit, to inflict this curse upon everlasting generations?" (156). A second monster could mean that they could propagate to create an entire race of grotesque creatures that would haunt humans. While it is definitely in Victor's best self interest to give the monster what he wants to stop their suffering it is best for society as a whole if he declines. He shoulders the fault of the creature and any wrongdoings it inflicted upon society. In order to minimize the overall effect he greatly worsens his own life by refusing to follow through with the creature’s request. If he had decided to take the easy way out and disregard his responsibility then it could have cost him the well being of the human race. When the creature had finally murdered Elizabeth Victor devoted his entire life to catching and stopping him: “They were dead, and I lived; their murderer also lived, and to destroy him I must drag out my weary existence” (193). At this point Frankenstein was tired of existing in a living Hell and wanted to join his deceased family members, instead he kept pushing on. He followed the...

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