Personal Case Study Of A Child With Frequent Physical And Verbal Agression

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An ASQ:SE was provided for Mao (Father) and Kim (Mother) to fill out so that the main concerning issues can be established. The score was 120 with a cutoff of 58. A score at this point would indicate that Quan is at risk. When a child is found to be at risk, they are typically referred to Child Find so that the appropriate resources can be provided. When the parents filled out the ASQ:SE they had indicated specific behavior that they found was concerning. These included how he destroys objects and he exhibits physical and verbal aggression frequently. These are also concerns that the pre-school teacher had for Quan. The mother also has concerns pertaining to home routines. She has a difficult time getting Quan into his crib at bedtime when he is asked to. He still sleeps in a crib and refuses to get in the crib when asked. Quan’s mother also stated that he will not listen and sit still when they eat at restaurants. He will not stay in his high chair and is a finicky eater.
In addition, the classroom teacher, assistant, and Quan’s mother filled out a functional assessment interview form. As a result, specific behaviors were addressed that concerned all of the respondents.
Section A of the Functional Assessment Interview Form
Behavior How long is it performed? How often? How long? Intensity?
1 Verbal Aggression Threatens (“I’m gonna kill you” while pointing a finger gun, “Get away” and growls) 2-5x a day 5 sec.- 1 min. Low-High
2 Physical Aggression Hits, pushes, kicks, punches, rams with toys 2-3x a week 5 sec.-30 sec. High
3 Property destruction Throwing or banging toys 2-5x a week 5 sec.-30 sec. High
(O’Neill, R.E. Homer, R.H., Albin, R.W., Sprague, J.R., Storey, K., & Newton, J.S., 1997)
All of these behaviors occurred during free-play times inside and out. When structured instruction is provided he seems to not exhibit these concerning behaviors.
Support Plan
Childs Name: Quan Date Plan Developed__________
Team Members:
1. Kim (Mom)
2. Mao (Dad)
3. Pre-School Teacher
4. Pre-School Director
5. Early Childhood Special Educator
Parent’s Names: Mao and Kim Signature______________________________
Behavior Hypothesis:
Quan is likely to hit, kick, or destroy toys when someone else is playing with or trying to play with him. Because he hits, kicks, and destroys things, he gets the toy he wants and the children leave him alone because they are afraid of him.
Prevention Strategies:
Skill to Develop Strategy to Support Development Person Responsible When
Self-Management Scaffold Quan’s interactions in play routines outside and during centers Teacher During free-play
Utilizing Visual Displays Present the visual displays when his attention is gained. Directly apply the visual displays with what is currently is going on and what he is feeling. Teacher Before and during free-play
Using His Words Use scripted stories that apply to play situations and prompt him to use certain words to express what he is trying to convey Teacher During Free-play...

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