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Personal Challenges And Transformation As A Writer

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Anais Nin, a Cuban author, once said, “We write to taste life twice, in the moment
and in retrospection”. Writing is like photography. It has a thousand different meanings
and will always be there for times of reminiscing. It has been an important part of my life
by enabling me to convey my inner thoughts that cannot easily be spoken. It serves as
proof of my greatest memories, but also moments of despair. However, there were
several obstacles and hurdles that had prevented me from writing to my desirability.
Despite that, the journey that I have encountered through writing has led me to
overcome challenges and has transformed me into a more skillful writer.
During the stages of writing, the most difficult part for me is the beginning. I put
too much focus and thought into the introduction or how the paper will start off.
Sometimes there are a million of jumbled thoughts racing through my head, and at other
times, my mind is wiped clean. I usually experience the infamous writer’s block, which
causes me to sit for hours staring at a blank page. I think what causes this problem for
me is the fact that I am unorganized and do not plan out what I need to write. I try to do
too many things at once, which leads me to the accomplishment of nothing. I did not
use to make outlines for my paper because I felt that it restricted me from what I could
and could not write. I do not like restrictions because I enjoy writing freely and
expressing my personality through writing. I feel like writing freely is the most effective
type of writing because you are not limited to convey what you truly want to express.
In “free writing,” there are no guidelines or requirements that need to be followed, and
writers do not have to stress about whether their writing is acceptable. What matters
most is how the writers feel about their own writing.
However, the persuasive essay assignment I had to do for my writing class this
semester changed my perspective. I chose to write about how frequent testing benefits
college students. I also encountered writer’s block when I began this writing
assignment, and decided to take a different approach. I began making an outline of how
I was going to structure the essay, and used my annotated bibliography as a reference
to which points I needed to address. To my surprise, the outline really helped aid me
through writing my paper rather than limit me. It was the foundation of what my writing
would become, and reminded me of my main focus if I ever got sidetracked. The outline
also helped me direct each key point in my persuasive essay, such as, “Frequent
testing is beneficial to students because it promotes better study habits, decreases
risks for stress, and aids in the learning experience overall.” In my opinion, this
statement is conveyed in an affirmative tone, which is something I had a hard time with
in my past writings. I used to have a hard time with this because I...

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