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Mrs. LucasMay 6th, 2014ENG4URosie Kallio-GibbonsThe Importance of Social Class in Corrupted CountriesIn countries like our own, the idea of social class is not of great importance. The position taken by our country is that people are equal, and everyone deserves an equal chance. In countries such Afghanistan, a nation with a corrupt fundamentalist government, social class means everything; power is the most valuable asset, and the importance placed upon wealth in these cultures causes an ever-widening the gap between rich and poor. These corrupt leaders and their ways of ruling also has a massive influence upon the opportunities a citizen has to leave or escape the country. In nations ruled by corrupt fundamentalism, a citizen's position in the social hierarchy determines their opportunities to escape, as is shown inYasmina Khadras' The Swallows of Kabul, and Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner, through differentiation in setting, contrasting themes, and opposing characters.Within each novel, social class plays the role of main influence upon a character's eventual fate, as the novel's setting determines a character's ranking in the hierarchy. The settings of the two novels differ greatly, as one emphasizes a new beginning and hope for a better life, whereas the other enforces the theme of being trapped without hope of escape. In Yasmina Khadra's The Swallows of Kabul, the main setting is constantly negatively described, as the city is horrifically dilapidated, and the characters see no conceivable hope of a better life."For Kabul has a horror of memory. She has put her history to death in the public square, sacrificed the names of her streets in horrific bonfires, dynamited her monuments into smithereens, and canceled the oaths her founders signed in their enemies' blood. Today, Kabul's enemies are her own offspring. They have disowned their ancestors and disfigured themselves in order to resemble no one, especially not those creatures who wander about like submissive ghosts bowed under the Taliban's contempt and the anathema of their holy men."(Pg 72, Khadra)The city of Kabul has been swallowed by its own turmoil; political unrest and revolution has turned the metropolis into a living hell, as its citizens were trapped within its limits, unable to escape the peril that awaited them on their own streets. The people of Kabul live in constant terror, their home now diseased, along with all those living within it. The Taliban's rise to power left the city in ruins, leaving its citizens powerless and without the resources necessary to improve their quality of life. The characters in The Swallows of Kabul live in slum-like conditions, but despite their dilapidated appearance, their homes are often referred to as a "refuge".Kallio 2In Khaled Hossieni's The Kite Runner, the divide between both social classes is blatantly clear, and is demonstrated through the differences between the homes of Baba and Ali."When the sun dropped low behind the hills and we...

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