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Social Class In America Essay

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As Americans, we are always trying to better ourselves in any and every way possible. Status symbols are artificial parts of our culture because they are not necessities but merely false desires. We desire these unnecessary luxuries because the media attempts to portray a real need for them. Television shows try to convey the message that the largest houses, over-priced cars and expensive clothing are synonymous with success. Minorities in our country feel even more pressure to succeed from White Americans as well as their own race.The status symbols which have been a part of my life are basically the same ones that affect every teenage girl. They range between the size of my house to the type of car I drive, from the price of my make-up, to the brand of pack-back I use. Even the style of my clothing that I wear affects other?s opinions of who I am. Peers may perceive that my ?class? is perhaps different than what it truly is only because of the way I present myself through my appearance. This is a false perception and entirely superficial. Today there are so many ways to measure success and social class that no one is ever really sure which one a person belongs to. Everything can be used to define a person?s class position which makes it harder to talk about much less define.Anyone who is seen as ?the bottom of the barrel? is nothing more than a ?body? to anyone who believes themselves to be above them in social class. Since lower class people often work a minimum wage job, doing very little to benefit America and most likely purchase ?white bread?, they are the epitome of invisibility to the rest of the world. To be at the bottom, to be a member of the ?lower class? is to be considered to have no voice at all. They are literally ?invisible? with no say in politics. The ability to bring about change in their cultural, social or economic environment seems impossible. They...

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