Personal Coaching Philosophy For Coaching High School Track And Field

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Through the years of playing many sports, including track and field, I have been exposed to many different types of coaching philosophies. Through these coaches and also by learning what is best as an athlete, I have developed my own coaching philosophy.First, we must be aware that a coaches philosophy greatly depends on who is being coached. In other words, a coach will have a very different philosophy if they are coaching Jr. High kids as opposed to college athletes. A coach can not expect to have the same mentality to a 12 year old that is performing because it is fun as compared to a division one athlete trying to qualify for a meet. Being new to the coaching world and understanding that I am probably going to have to work my way to the top, I am basing my coaching philosophy towards young new athletes, such as Jr. High and High School kids.Experience of learning what works and what does not work as an athlete is what my philosophy is based on. I will try to eliminate "bad" practices because I feel they reflect bad coaching behaviors. Practices that begin to become unproductive and not taken seriously will be re-directed and be turned into fun, productive and hardworking practices. There is a difference between fooling around and having fun in a drill while being productive. For example, instead of just letting the athletes "go threw the motions" in the long jump, I would create a competitive, fun game by putting the athletes up against one another. I believe if practices are fun then the athletes will continue to work hard and not lose interest. As an athlete, I used to hate practices and drills that seemed unproductive. I felt like I was wasting my time and energy when I could be focused on improving in another way. As a coach, I will do my best to make every practice productive and not lose the interest of the athletes. Practices will be fun but at the same time will incorporate drills that will work skills.My coaching objective is much like most other coaches. That is, to coach in a professional and dignified manner. If issues arise between parents, officials, athletes or administrators; I will address each problem in a calm and precise manner. My goal is to make everyone happy, starting with the athlete. At the same time I will always defend my athlete and always be on the athletes side when making decisions or addressing issues. I want to become a good role model to the athletes. I will try to understand where they are coming from and always be available in times of need. My expectations as a coach is to have my athletes try the best to their ability. I do not expect much but I do expect more. I want my athletes to have fun foremost but also to perfect their skills and grow as young adults. I want to be a mentor to the athletes not only in the sport but also in their everyday lives.I expect nothing but the best from my athletes, and although there is a part of me that wants to be the drill sergeant coach, I have to understand that these...

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