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The major areas of my values and ethics can be summarized in six words: excellence, personal integrity, responsibility, ambition, accountability, and determination. Excellence guides me when setting targets in all my undertakings; I normally strive to achieve my best. Personal integrity and accountability enable me to make sound judgments to avoid engaging in actions that will hurt me and/or other people around me. Responsibility is important to me as it enables me to identify the part I need to play in my family, at the workplace, and in the community. Lastly, ambition and determination are applicable in providing me with the momentum needed to ensure that all my initiatives and tasks are done to completion.
My ethics and values are developed from my religious beliefs, my associations with professionals, and self experiences. My religion installs values such as honesty, courtesy, and determination, which determine how I treat other people. My association with professionals helps me to embrace values, such as determination, personal integrity, accountability, and excellence, which are fundamental in designing my academic and professional paths. The experiences I have encountered in life have taught me to observe and embrace many ethical values, including ambition, integrity, and responsibility, which enable me to associate well with my family and other members of the society.
My personal code of ethics outlines the values and principles, which I believe in and rely on in life; the code determines the decisions I make concerning my daily activities and my association with family, colleagues, and the society. The values and principles also act as my main point of reference when I am faced with a dilemma and need to make a sound decision for my own benefit and that of other relevant parties. The code explains how I treat others and the way they take care of me, how my relatives and I treat each other, and what I expect from the society and what it requires of me
My expectations relating and not relating to the way I treat other people are a great concern in my life. Firstly, I expect to treat other people with a lot of respect to make me earn back the same treatment from them. Respect is perceived as one of the most important values as people can only treat you the way you treat them. Treating other people with respect implies associating with them in a way that they like and which upholds their integrity and position in society. If I follow maximum respect in my association with other people, it is highly probable that they will also treat me well.
Secondly, I need to treat other people with courtesy and kindness so that they can also show me the same as I associate with them. Courtesy means extending kindness to other people to make them feel wanted and important when associating with you. In this regard, I give credit to the relevant people whenever I feel they have done something good to me. Once you show kindness to other people, they will...

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