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Personal Computer And Technological Devices Essay

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‘’ I think it’s fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we’ve ever created. They are tools of communication, they’re tools of creativity and they can be shaped by the users.” As the richest man in the world and acting as the inventor of Microsoft that contributes as the most important element in computer , Bill Gates has admitted that computer is acting as the most influenced technology in human’s life. For decades, the world has discovered a lot of technologies anywhere in the globe, the Western, Egyptian, European, and also the Asian. The existence of computer is a major contribution for all aspects especially in the communication and the globe’s economy.
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This calculator which has been given name as Pascaline in regards to the boy’s name Blaise Pascal was able to help a more complex calculation and a more complicated method of using it. The production of computers was based on few generation since the first born of a device that they called as ‘computer’ until the latest computer that we are using which are much better and reach the peak of the state of the art ! The positive development of technology device was increasing in order to improve the amenities for human being to carry out the daily life. As the time passed, the innovators people had discover a lot of new ideas to create more reliable and suitable machineries that could ease the work and most importantly that would done the work quickly.

During this developing time, for the first time in 1946, an electronic computer called ENIAC was made .And this has been the first step for the development of computer till the ones that we can see today. Comparing to our small and even nowadays we have the mini computer, it was so big and heavy back then! ENIAC or also known as Electronic Numeric Integrated and Calculator, had a weight of 30 tones! Despite the big size and weight, I t didn’t really function amazingly as it could only store only limited and small amount of information. The vacuum tube was used for the magnetic drums that works as memory storage, and for the circuitry. The disadvantages of this computer were it had a lot of deficiency as it generated a lot of heat that caused the work to be improper and it was also required a lot of cooling system as a source which caused a large amount of electricity supply. The cost for this computer also was very expensive. The computer worked manually which it was based on paper tape and punch card and the output would be displayed on the printouts. ENIAC was relied only on the machine language as the lowest level programming language understood by computers, to carry out operation and , they could only solve one problem at a time . On this production of first commercial computer, a company named U.S Cencus Bureau acted as the first business client. The first generation computer was specifically produced for the atomic industry.
Everything should have always be better from one generation to another. The improvement of computer was proceeding to the next level of second generation which that was the time when a Transistor was produced. Aware of the lack of that first computer, they have then came out with a better idea to produce a better one. Unlike the first computer ENIAC, transistor was made smaller in size which did not anymore use the vacuum tube but electronics components which had a lot of effect to the size of transistor. From the machine language that was used in the first generation’s computer, transistor was produced with a newer method which used cryptic binary machine language, the assembly language that helps a lot in the performance of work as the component will allow the...

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