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Personal Connection To Literature Essay

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For summer reading I read two books, The Loved One by Evelyn Waugh and Endurance by Alfred Lansing. In The Loved One, it is mainly about the relationship between Dennis and Aimee and the relationship between Mr. Joyboy and Aimee and how she doesn't know who to love. Aimee get engaged with Dennis but then marries Mr. Joyboy. Later on Aimee feels that it is not going to work. She calls Mr. Slump for help and he said, "Do! I'll tell you what to do. Just take the elevator to the top floor. Find a nice window and jump out. That's what you can do. I told her to go take a high jump." Aimee then followed Mr. Slump advice and went into Mr. Joyboy office and committed suicide by injection. The other book Endurance was about an explorer name Sir Ernest Shackleton and he was the leader of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, which was form of twenty-seven men on the ship called the Endurance, and it was to cross the Antarctic Continent. Long story short, the Endurance gets stuck in ice and cannot move and so they left the boat and went to go to South Georgia island and they tried to survival the harsh weather and try to stay alive. There are many themes in the books, The Loved One and Endurance, that related to me, to other books, and to the world.
Both the books I read reminded me of myself and my life. First in The Loved One, when Dennis's friend Sir Francis commit suicide and Dennis had to planned the funeral and how he had to pick a pose, which coffin he should pick and what clothes Sir Francis should wear. It reminded me how when my grandpa dead, my family had to do the same thing as Dennis did for Sir Francis funeral. Dennis was working at a funeral home and cemetery for pet called Happier Hunting Ground and how Mr. Joyboy had to bring in his mom's parrot because it recently passed away. This reminded of me when I was a little kid and I had a pet parakeet that passed away as well. This was very sad and painful for me as it was for Mr. Joyboy and his mom when the parrot passed away. From the book Endurance, how the expedition group had to abandon their ship cause it was frozen in the ice and had to salvage for their food and material for survival. This would be what I would do if I was in the middle of nowhere and I had to abandon my ship and go out and survive. I would hunt for penguins and seals just as the expedition team did in book just for survival but I would not kill my dogs just for food as the men did in the book. If I was a member on the ship I would be very excited because it was just like a big adventure that they went through and no one dead that was on the ship. Both these books had something that reminded me about myself and because my grandpa and parakeet passed away in The Loved One and how I would like to go on the adventure like they did in Endurance.
In the poem, The Love Song by J. Alfred Prufrock and the book, The Loved One by Evelyn Waugh, they both had many connections and similarities. Both the book and poem was about...

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