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Social Connotations Of Name And Well Being

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Imagine that you are of Arab decent you are being screened more thoroughly than others at the airport. The only way the airport staff can identify that you are of Arab decent is based on your family name, Najjar. The airport staff constantly takes extra measures to confirm that you are not a terrorist. Stereotypes have existed in American culture for centuries. Early in American history stereotypes of Negroes and Mexicans predominately associate them with lower-class attributes (Campbell, 1967).
Major social events can have an effect on how certain groups and assemblies of individuals are perceived. On September 11, 2001, nineteen hijackers associated with al-Qaeda brutally murdered hundreds of American citizens. The terrorists commandeered several aircraft carriers and set them on a crash course for various national landmarks. Since the events of September 11, 2001 many Non-European American citizens have been targets of discrimination, prejudice, hate crimes, racism, and stereotyping. According to Holman (2008), Arab nurses working in local urban American cities reported experiencing discrimination in the forms of intimidation and patient rejection more frequently than prior to the attacks of September 11, 2001.
Outside of the public arena, measures of discrimination are also affecting the domesticity of many minority citizens. In a 2011 study involving 18 Arab-American couples, researchers found a relationship between the events of September 11, 2001 and problems in marriage ingrained in cultural identity dissociation (Kulwicki, 2011).
It is projected that name stereotyping could cause major abnormal physical and mental aliment for those individuals that are being categorized. Stereotyping has been associated with depression, high blood pressure and a large number of heart conditions. The current study examines the cardiovascular risk factors (i.e., smoking, body mass index, and a number of endocrine ailments) associated with discrimination based on a person’s name. It is expected that individuals with a high association of discrimination will have higher levels of depression, acute smoking, higher body mass index, and number of endocrine conditions. This research will examine the general perceptions of participants based on the social connotations associated with their name and how it could affect their well-being. It is projected that those individuals with excessive amounts of discrimination and stereotyping will also have a larger number cardiovascular risk factors as well as psychological abnormalities.
Literature Review and Purpose
Racism and the Workplace
Racism can be thought of as a superiority complex, in that some ethnicities are better or more superior to others (Bhopal, 2004). This complex is used to construct and validate actions that will build and maintain many constructs of discrimination and disproportion. Racial inequality and discrimination is ingrained in racism, it is a direct echo suffered by the...

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