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Social Context And Child Development Essay

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Children develop at different paces and reach major milestones as they develop throughout their early years and as they continue to grow until adulthood. During child development, young children develop physical skills, social skills, and communication skills. Social interactions are essential in the process of child development. Social interactions permit young children to engage in activities such as play which enhances their fine and gross motor skills and develop their self-regulation. As children develop physically and mentally, they engage in social activities enabling them to interact with their surroundings. Interacting with the environment allows children to explore their surroundings and develop their cognitive skills to later learn that each individual has their own beliefs. They manipulate objects which improve problem solving and fine motor skills which allows children to engage in social activities. They engaged in group activities to learn new information and assist others complete a task which contributes to child development.

Infants develop a relationship with adults early, through their relationship they form a connection which allows them to interact socially with their parents and other adults. They interact socially with others by crying and smiling to inform others of their desires. Child development is associated with social interactions because children continue to develop in each area which allows them to achieve their goals. Piaget’s stages of development coincide with social interactions; he believes children learn best when interacting with their surroundings (Davison, 2006). The correlation between child development and social interactions is that they both occur in stages during child development (Newman & Newman 1999). As children develop, they enhance their communication skills, such as babbling which eventually develops into words. Child development and social interaction effects children understanding of social rules resulting in them learning appropriate and inappropriate behavior, understanding gender, and social class. As children develop and participate in social activities they learn to distinguish males from females (Siegler & Alibali, 2005). Children learn to connect a male’s voice with a male and female’s voice with a female. Children develop an understanding that all people do not look or behave the same. Engaging in centers, children will learn that all children do not share the same beliefs and others have their own opinion.
Child Development and Social Interactions
During child development, children reach major milestones by investigating, exploring, and discovering the world (Newman & Newman, 1999). Young children develop five areas of development: cognitive, social, language, fine motor skills, and gross motor skills. During each development, social interactions are associated with child development. For instances, during cognitive development, children explore their environment by...

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