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Personal Cultural Reflection Essay

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I was born and raised in Brandon, South Dakota. I have always lived in South Dakota my entire life. My parents raised me as a Christian and I went to a Lutheran private school for all of my elementary and middle school years. Being at a private school, I only had a few classmates. My class had twelve kids, which was the biggest class in my school. For those few years being at that school, I had gained strong religious affiliations which indicates an individual’s acceptance of knowledge, beliefs, and practices related to a particular faith(Cross-Cultural Psychology: Critical thinking and Contemporary Applications 5th Edition, p.5).remained fairly solid and were unchangeable. I had been taught how sever it was to use bad language in school and anywhere you when. I was always taught that sex before marriage was a huge taboo and that homosexuality was an enormous sin. I had never been to a bigger school before and my opinions of what a larger school was like were mainly biased on movies and television shows I watched. Once I graduated from my private middle school, I decided to make a change and go to the high school in my home town, which had over one-thousand students. This was a huge change for me. My first day of high school I was so shocked not just the number of kids there were, but also at how different everyone was. Not only were there people from different cultures at my school, but their were also many people at my school who didn’t share similar religious beliefs. I realized that I wasn’t at a religious school anymore and not everyone had the same views as I did. Over the years I went to high school I became more open minded and my views on a lot of things changed dramatically. Through out the years I would become more open minded and change a lot due the friends I had made. Surprisingly enough, most of the friends I had were either agnostic or atheist, but still accepted me and my beliefs. We even had a few Muslim students in our school that I became very good friends with. I learned a few a their culture traits, which are individual items in a culture, such as a particular belief, tool, or practice (On Being Different: Diversity and Multiculturalism in the North American Mainstream 4th Edition, p.12). I was taught to hate homosexuals, but throughout high school I learned to accept them and that they really aren’t any different from me. Over all my high school experience changed I in a way that allowed me to be more open minded about other people’s beliefs and cultures. I learned not to be so judgmental and for that I am thankful I went to my high school.
Now I am living on campus in Brookings, South Dakota. I am still Christian, but definitely more open minded to other religious beliefs as well. I have to ethnic backgrounds. I am half German and half Norwegian. I get my half German ethnicity from my dad’s side...

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