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Personal Development Plan Essay

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In this essay I am going to talk about my academic skills journey. In order to achieve my goals I must build up my strengths and be acquainted with my weaknesses. Moreover, I will focus on one major skill that every student, who wants to build a career in Criminology and Criminal justice sector, will must accomplish; time management skill . In order to work in the criminal justice system it is a necessary need of self directed learning. All the research must be done with self discipline. Becoming overwork and stressed because of the deadline lead to distraction and failure. For this reason, planning the time wisely means to be a good criminology practitioner (Fink and Fafinski, 2012). ...view middle of the document...

Consequently, I will learn to address further issues with calm and confidence (Cottrell, 2010).

First of all, a successful time management requires a deep understanding of why is so important to plan the academic time. Certainly, it will allow me to be aware how long it takes to complete a study. Additionally, I will be prepared if something takes longer than I would expected to. In my attempt to develop this skill I managed to avoid being late for meetings and I was also prepared for unanticipated events (Cottrell, 2008).

I have realised the importance of time management skills when I first read my feedback for Introduction to Criminology assignment. As the person who marked me said, my weak point was my grammar and my vocabulary. The holistic approach of my assignment was due to the rush. I did not start my essay early enough and I almost miss the deadline. The fact that I handed in my assignment at the last minute it did not give me the opportunity to check on it. For the reason that English is not my first language I should have known that I needed more time to correct my grammar mistakes also to ensure that the text flows in a manner that seem right.

In addition, I took several measures in order to improve my time management skills. I was advised by the programme leader to visit the Centre for Learning and Student Support and ask for help (CLaSS). I booked a one-to-one tutorial and I managed to address my issue. I learnt how to use an Action Plan in order to set my priorities and to organise my studies. I also found the other key areas that contribute to time management skills: note taking skills and reading skills. Sticking a timetable may seem enough to become an excellent time keeper. However, summarising the main arguments in a text and finding a strategic way for note taking is the SMART way to become a good time saver (Hoover, 2009).

I had a really helpful session with the tutor as I have also been advised to join the Centre for English Language Learning. Every Wednesday, for two hours I practiced every aspect of both spoken and written English. Furthermore, I managed to build up my confidence and I felt like it is going to be easier to interact with other students.

My first feedback for the Formative Assignment stated that I covered several irrelevant topics and I did not develop the main point. The module leader argued that I had a wide variety of references but I did not know how to set up my priorities. Therefore, my essay was not breaking down in a proper way. Instead of explaining in a deep way one skill specific to me I have talked about several skills without providing enough details and evidences. My other feedback for Introduction to Criminology assessment also pointed out the fact that I did not have a clear structure of my essay. The lecturer who marked me said that I temped to start an idea and then to lose the track of it. Most of the time, I continue with another idea and then come back to what I had said...

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