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Personal Dialect Analysis

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There are many different dialects across the world. They can change depending on your region, your age or even your gender. Many people would react to a different dialect as wrong or they want to try and eliminate it. When in reality, both are correct. They just sound incorrect due to the fact they are not accustomed to hearing it. If English is just one language, why are there so many different ways to speak it? The study of dialects or the variations in language from one place to another provides the answers. In observing my own dialect, I have found three words or phrases I say or pronounce differently from the people around me. One is the pronunciation of the word ketchup. Two is the ...view middle of the document...

Also depending on where one lives, a circular motion preformed while driving a vehicle might be referred to as a “cookie” or a “donut”. Generally in the state of Utah it is used in the context “to do a donut” or “make a donut”. But since I have moved here, I have noticed it is more commonly referred to as “spinning a cookie”. In this example, a completely different phrase is used to describe the exact same motion. Neither is incorrect. Although, depending on where you are, one phrase is still more correct than the other. Robert Delany, a professor on the C.W. Post Campus, Long Island University, writes that “contrary to what your teachers tell you, there is no such this as correct English. Any manner of speaking that follows the rules of a dialect is equally correct.” Both phrases, in the example I discovered, are used correctly and follow the rules of dialect; therefore, both are accurate.
Is it normal for one to walk up to a cashier in a fast food restraint and ask for fry sauce? If the answer to this question is yes and a look of utter confusion is not received from the cashier, then you could be from Utah or Idaho. Fry sauce...

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