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The path I have taken toward obtaining my Bachelor of Science Degree in Business, Management, and Economics, with a concentration in Marketing, has been different than I expected when I first started college. I started at Brooklyn College at 17-years-old and frankly, I wasn’t ready for it. I struggled to balance an awkward schedule of classes and inconsistent study habits. I never felt completely comfortable there and after two years of performing poorly, I enrolled at Kingsborough Community College. I viewed it as a new start and seized the opportunity. I decided to major in Business Administration; I made the Dean’s List, and saw my grades improve dramatically. After completing 74 total credits, I decided I was ready to return to a four-year-college. I initially considered returning to Brooklyn College but at this time my grandmother had become ill. I applied to the College of Staten Island which was near her home and would make it possible for me to help her out with whatever she needed and attend school locally. This worked out great for my first semester. I carried a 3.47 GPA and decided to major in Business, with a concentration in Marketing. At this time, I was working part-time while in school. But due to certain circumstances, I was forced to obtain a full-time job in addition to other part-time commitment. This made it very difficult for me to enroll in classes as most of the upper-level marketing classes that I needed for graduation were only offered during the day when I would now be working. I enrolled in night and weekend classes for the next two semesters but my grades began to suffer. In the last semester I tried to register at the College of Staten Island, I couldn’t fit the courses I needed into my ever-growing work schedule. In the spring of 2007, with 103 credits completed, I was forced to stop pursuing my degree. This brings me to today. Enrolling in Empire State College is one of the best decisions I have made in quite some time. The Center for Distance Learning program is exactly what I have been looking for the past few years. I’m sure it is said frequently, but the administration and faculty at Empire State College are second to none. As many others in the country, I was laid-off in the past year. I currently make a living doing sporadic part-time work whenever it becomes available. This is the reason I did not look to go back to the College of Staten Island, as I would be forced to miss classes from time to time when any work became available. Empire State College has offered me the chance to do things at my own pace.

Marketing is a field that is universal. Even if I don’t obtain a position working in a marketing department or for an advertising agency, any career I may pursue will require me to market myself as an individual. This is the reason I decided on a marketing concentration as my major many years ago. In creating my degree plan, I have tried to keep the structure similar to the track I was previously on as...

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