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The Affordable Care Act Of The United States

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Within the past few years the United States has made major historical leaps forward in change the face of the health care system. The Affordable Care Act, signed into law by President Barack Obama on the 23rd of March, is a new and controversial law creating universal, affordable health care for all Americans that enroll. The affordable health care act, or better known as “Obama care” has changed the health care system in the country. Unfortunately there has been a flood misinformation on the law and what benefits it has for the average America.

The affordable care act provides Americas with affordable quality health insurance. Allowing people who do not have the funds for private insurance plans to still have a high quality of health care. Obama care aims to shift the focus of the health care system from quantity to quality. Although the act itself does not directly regulate health care it provides patients with rights and protections against health insurance companies.

The recent changes to the rights and protections of the health care system allows young adults to stay on their parents' health insurance until 26 as well as preventing health insurance companies from dropping individuals from their policies due to sickness. Obama Care now requires all insurance companies to cover people with pre-existing conditions, which in the past was one of the major deterrent for companies. Individuals will no longer be declined because of a pre-existing condition that they are trying to receive care for. This act ensures that Americans will get the “10 essential health benefits” that are clearly out stated in the act. These essential health benefits include mental health screening, preventive disease care, Maternity care, and for the first time rehabilitative and habilitation services. Now Americans can have physical therapy included in their insurance policies as an essential health benefits.

The American physical therapy association (APTA) released a statement on the affordable care act.
“While neutral on the ACA from the beginning, APTA has for years been an advocate for a health care system that includes rehabilitation...

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