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Personal Essay About Life And A Mom´S Influence

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When i was a kid i always do things with my own self. I never ask people what should i do and what i need to do. Everything is just made by my own decision. Maybe i am independent to early because at the age of ten i can figure out what consequences will happen if i take any action recklessly. The reason i turn to be like that because of someone, someone who really special to me. The person who always keep my safety and put me number one in everthings. That person is my mother. She is the amazing women i ever known because from her i look this world differently. She like an icon to me because she always using wisdom word to explain anything and everything to me, eventhough i never asked why.

Since i grow older, she make sure that everything when so perfect for me. And i know the greatest experience life i have been through, it is because of her adviced to me. I received the best advised for my life experience from her. One of the advice about life she told me is one of the best in my life experience, it is about the life that i will fit in no matter what it take. She said life is just like an empty canvas that need to be pattern and color by the person who live in it. There is no other way to do it accept our own self. I believe any action that we take is always related with people around and nature. So i decide if i want to make my own canvas beautiful with color i have to designed with my own way. I choose my own pathaway and i learn everything from my surrounding.

I also do believe each one of this people who live in this planet have their own story to tell about their life experience and definitely each one of them also have recieve the best advice to create what kind of life their want to be. Maybe some of them have succed to live in life their imagine with the advice have been given to them, but also perhaps some of them are not going to be as what their want to. As for me, i really do appreciate what my mother...

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