Personal Essay It Is Time To Preserve Our Culture!

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How does language affect your life? What does culture refer to your life? Have you ever doubt to yourself about where you come from? For me, culture and language means a lot in my life. Before I start talking about culture and language, I would like to say, frankly, I am from a very old, traditional and rural place. This place is called Shantou. Here, people speak native languages, think in traditional and ancient ways. Even the culture is old; people are superstitious and persistent, but I think that it should not be ignored.Here are some of my backgrounds. I was born in Hong Kong. My parents are Shantou people, therefore my nationality is Shantou. Because I am "from" a rural country side, and I think this is an "old people" town, I started to X this place and felt embarrassed about my nationality when I was young. However, one of my friends changed me. Once I was chatting with a friend, she asked questions as to why Shantou people are keen on red and green, and why her Shantou grandmother is so passionate about her knitting work. I did not have a good answer to the questions because I did not really understand culture in this place since i actually grew up in Hong Kong. At that time, I felt so disappointed and doubtful about myself that my friend challenged me on how much of a Shantou people I am and I was ashamed to admit not a good one. I did tend to forget the customs and values of the place. Then I tried to do some research on the cultures of Shantou and I have found so many interesting things that should be protected and that people should be aware of.In my perspective, culture includes what we think, how we act and what we own. It refers to people's values, beliefs and behavior. When I was two, I lived with my grandparents for a year. We all communicated using chiu-chow hua. However, I never spoke in front of people when I was growing up because I felt so different and weird; I felt speaking chiu-chow hua is embarrassing. I became estranged it until my mother scolded me. She insisted that language is part of our lives, related to where we came from and how we communicate with people. This is true, and it would become a disaster if we loss these ancient languages. How could we educate later generations if our language was loss? How could we talk to others if language was lost? It shapes our...

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