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Personal Essay On 1984

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Have you ever felt like a dog in cage? No matter how much you snarl or bark, no one will come and open the cage. It?s very much like if someone else controls your life. You can?t decide when you want to eat or go for a walk. You can only decide where you want to sit or lie down in the cage, you are living without any freedom. And even if you try to discover a secret exit from the cage, you will be vaporized.This is exactly the feeling that the reader explores in the world created by Gorge Orwell in the book 1984. Characters are surrounded by the thought police everywhere they go. It makes it hard for anyone to act freely because there?s always someone watching.It?s very ironic that Winston thought that Julia was a member of the thought police until she slipped him a note that said: ?I love you.? Winston and Julia have no freedom or privacy. There are not many places where they can go where they are isolated from everything, where they won?t get caught being together. Winston and Julia are always afraid that someone has followed them. They are quite sure that Mr. Charrington?s shop is a safe hiding place for them to meet, and to have privacy, so they see each other there regularly.In the first couple of chapters of part 2, it seems like they are able to break the rules by finding ways around them. But this is not the case as the thought police catch them. Another example of how controlled society is in 1984 is in the relationship between O?Brien and Winston. O?Brien started out as a friend of Winston?s, that?s why he wasn?t showing any suspicion towards him until O?Brien invites Winston to his flat to give him a copy of the Ingsoc dictionary. This meeting makes Winston realize that O?Brien, who is an inner party member, is an informer affiliated with the brotherhood.People seem to be fighting the controls in the society by helping each other out. It appears that no one is getting caught by the thought police. But this is not the case.Mr. Charrington, for example, seemed to be a character with integrity, yet he worked undercover for the ministry of the truth. He let Winston and Julia meet in secret in a little room upstairs from his shop. The couple thought everything would turn out well. Although Charrington seemed to be on their side, everything backfired. One day it became clear that he was part of the thought police when he arranged to have the two lovers surrounded by other policemen. The thought police then brought them to a prison where they were kept.This shows that the controls in the society of 1984 are much stronger than they appear. In fact, the way people live in the book is comparable to prison, or like a dog in a cage. In prison, everywhere an inmate goes, a guard follows him. In the book, Orwell replaced guards with telescreens. Today, cities are starting...

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