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Personal Essay On Being Happy With One´S Self

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Being yourself? Being Your Best Self, The Strong, Beautiful, Intelligent, Determined, Dependable you! I strive to be a Better me everyday! I want to be a better person than I was yesterday, To smile more, love harder , being kinder , to help more and staying true to myself and my morals. I feel that being your best self takes determination confidence and the right attitude.
Winston Churchill once said “The price of greatness is responsibility.” I personally find that very true! As a young lady in the south with age come responsibility even if you are ready for it or not! I had to learn that, the thing that my parents, teachers, and family are teaching me will carry me through life. And ...view middle of the document...

School is a huge part of my life if I didn’t have good grades I couldn’t do the things I love to do. School is very important to me some people take it for granted but the way I see it our teachers are our motivators they push us to be better and to learn more. One thing someone cannot take from you is the knowledge you have. People say that the mind is a terrible thing to waste .and I feel that if someone wants to shared their knowledge with you; you should be thankful and soak up every little bit you can because life is a test full of lessons you will learn. School is one place that can help you through life.
Staying Healthy is the most important to me the go hand in hand in my life; it is kind of like the testimony of my teenaged life. My 10th grade year I took Chemistry I was in a class full of upper classmen and I struggled every single day, I wasn’t use to feeling like the “Dumb one” of the class even though other kids struggled too I never had such low grades and it was very stressful I was so hard on myself that I would stay up all night to only study my chemistry work and went to school the next day fighting to stay awake. I cried after every test because nothing seemed to work. Doing all of this I never thought to stop and...

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