Personal Essay On Dissability: Impact On Family And Society

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Throughout this course, I am amaze by how much I’m learning about what it was and it is to be disable in today society. But just like any other crisis, it’s crazy what people with disability went through in the passed and how far they have come and. Form perceiving disability as liability to the public and rejecting people with disability in schools, work places and communities, to accepting them open heartily and having laws that helps protect the form discrimination. Staying with the topic of disability, I would like to look at both the positive and negative impact on not only an individual living with a disability but also what the family have to go throw. Many people have views about ...view middle of the document...

” Seeing how they struggle with things as simple as using the bathroom, had made me developed respect for the little thing that we as society take for granted, not know how lucky we are.
The positive aspect of being part of a family with a disable relatives, brings a family together and make the bond more, it create togetherness and there’s always love in the air, cause everyone is willing to help that relatives get through their day to day activities (Morgan and Dine). Form my experience, there’s always laughter, jokes and these relatives with disable are well respected and treated no different, but as if the were any other member of the family who’s not disable. Sometime non-disable relatives are even willing to go the extra miles, by putting the needs of their disable relative first and theirs second, just to show them that they care about them. Overall a having a disable family member means the entire family is disabled.
But just like everything in life, living with disability, weather you are the one with disability or a relative, it as a tour on a family. Not only that individual with disabilities often get frustrated with the fact that things that use to be easy for them to do is now ten...

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