Personal Essay: Persistence And Learning Calculus

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In any scientific undertaking only precision and accuracy are satisfactory, when faced with unique ordeals, it is only through dedication and extensive work can we achieve such perfection. This I believe was the underlying premise behind Einstein’s words, when he accredited not his great intellect but extensive focus and taught to achieving many of his accomplishments. I too fully embrace the merit of such principles and had experienced a period with which the practice of such ideals was pivotal to my success while in secondary school. In 2009 I had enrolled into Sixth form, because of the nature of the Caribbean’s educational system and the advantages it would deliver. There I had the opportunity to take on a rigorous advance curriculum that contained many perquisites helpful towards pursuing a chemical engineering degree. Since more students had now embarked on the Caribbean Advance Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) instead of the General Certificate of Education (GCE) and Edexcel ...view middle of the document...

Time already against him and now face with this unique predicament, professor Deoraj had to employ more of a didactic approach to his teaching instead of one that involves great interaction with students. To keep up with the paste and complexity of the class and Professor’s ingenious approaches to sums required the help of a tutor. However, I was unable to obtain assistance from Sir Carryl, the only tutor available and capable of helping, since his classes were quickly overcrowded with student who desired the same. At this point I became very disgruntled, since I will be unable to understand areas on calculus 3 4 and 5 found in the course, and as a prospective engineer learning these topics was extremely crucial.
Though these dire circumstances, I remained persistent and committed to my pursuits and there had begun engaging all the topics through research and critical insight. Having determination was not enough; I devoted countless hours towards perusing the principles of implicit and parametric differentiation, reduction formula and integration by parts. Great time and skill was needed to comprehend rules and plot graphs of exponential and logarithmic differential functions. Furthermore, the most challenging of all topics were modeling and differential equations, and if not for many hours of lectures on YouTube, I would have never truly understood the dynamics of calculus and would have failed this subject. These combined with the load of writing three separate module exams, which contribute to your overall grade, just after completing each module in the course, created an implied timeframe and made this challenge even more tenuous. Ultimately, I arose victorious and through this feat developed a level of perspicacity within this subject that I would not have if not for my initiative. I had become more engaged during sessions and was applauded by both Sir and student for my insights and contribution to class. Eventually, I was also able to assist many of my colleagues after class who too were struggling to keep up with what Sir had taught. This experience made me truly appreciate the ideals of careful examination and extensive thought and I realized that only through such practices can I obtain excellence as a chemical engineer student at Bucknell University.

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