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Personal Essay: The Purpose Of Life, Religion And Other Sources

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The creation of mankind is a widely debatable question that brings conflict to the believers as well as the non-believers. We question our existence very often, but the truth of the matter is that no one knows the exact answer. Seeking the answer is an act of curiosity that disorients and sometimes overwhelms our current beliefs. Many humans have tried and therefore as a result creating hundreds of religions with different beliefs. Although we may never answer the question of our existence, we try to merge our past experience and basic knowledge to create a reasonable answer. Although Religions are diverse around the world, what they all have in common is they all provide hope that something lies beyond death, and they also provide wisdom for those currently living on earth. With the combination of philosophers, religions, and wisdom, we have witnessed different beliefs that could lead to the answer of this strenuous question of our creation.
I was raised with parents who are Roman Catholic, and as I grew older I agreed with the beliefs and morals the Catholics believed in so I decided to stay in that religion. So as the stereotypical Catholic, I believe that earth and all living organisms were created by God. Although it seems like a very complicated situation, I think it worked like magic. God was here before every single person and created people, as time went on he placed his only child Jesus Christ on earth who worked as a buffer against the ignorance of that era, and he taught his followers wisdom and the instructions to get into heaven. He was humble and cured the ill miraculously which made him stand out from the rest of the people, because of Pontius Pilate’s fear of loss of power he authorized the crucifixion of Jesus. He resurrected 3 days after. This was an extremely important event in the creation of mankind because it gave people hope and strengthened the people’s faith. But all of these events were made possible by god as he was trying to prove his existence via Jesus. Contrary to my beliefs Friedrich Nietzsche “…is not interested in the metaphysical truth of either Christianity or any other religion, being convinced that no religion is really true...” I find it hard not to believe in a superior power, and living day by day as if mankind created itself. Along with religion I believe science has an important role too. I believe that religion and science are compatible even with their disagreements. I like to think that religion is the story of what really occurred while science is trying to place a label on the formation and are always seeking answers even if some things are simply unanswerable. The bible states that “For by him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities-- all things have been created through him” (Colossians 1:16). Through time the population of living organisms that God placed on earth has expanded to massive amounts and...

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