Personal Essy: "High Times And So Called Crimes In Department Stores"

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Have a pair, or even several pairs of scrutinizing eyes ever followed you in a store? Do you know what it's like to be harassed by every cutthroat saleswoman in Zellers? Or have you ever been asked to leave the cosmetics department because there has been too much theft there lately? Well I have, and let me tell you just how sick of it I am. Not only is it age discrimination, it's also rude, ignorant, and down right anal-retentive.I can't tell you how many times I've been stalked in stores by evil sales people: trying to catch me in the act of theft. It's truly disgusting and vomit-worthy. I have a debit card, with a lot of my hard earned money waiting to be spent. I don't need to live one five-finger discount to the next. I'm so sick of being followed it's not even funny. I swear the next time it happens, I'll just snap and say something smart like: "You know, maybe with all the money I was going to spend here today, your company could've bought some decent surveillance equipment so you wouldn't have to stalk me. Or maybe they could've invested in having that cucumber permanently implanted in your butt surgically extracted!" How someone can justify stalking teens in stores is beyond me. At blockbuster, my managers instruct me to keep and eye out for thieves. This involves watching only kids and teens ages 10-18, if they come in groups. Ninety percent of the time the kids I'm watching are my friends! Adults these days are so narrow-minded, they think all teens are troubled, hoodlum druggies who'll snatch your purse if you look at us the wrong way. God only knows we'll be eating their babies too soon, I suppose. I just wish people would give us a chance. Give ME a chance! I am a...

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