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Personal Ethical System Essay

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The term ethics s defined as a set of moral principles that a person or society sets to govern their behaviors (Iqbal, Bhatti, & Zaheer, 2013). This definition is concomitant with the idea of knowing what is right and wrong and making a conscious decision to follow what is right (Paul & Elder, 2006). Conversely, a system of ethics is a set of instructions that govern an organization or particular social structure. This includes a combination of interrelated values that are devised as the most appropriate mode of conduct for a particular social structure (Paul & Elder, 2006).
Obligations to Society
My personal code of ethics is closely related to utilitarianism. Under utilitarianism, an act is morally right if it is perceive to be useful in yielding good or desirable ends (Pillai & Mukherjee, 2011). This means that individuals having a utilitarian code of ethics seek solutions for the greater good of all parties concerned (Micu, 2012; Nejati & Parnia, 2012; Gerow, Ayyagari, Thatcher, & Roth, 2013). Utilitarianism is divided into two parts, which are rule utilitarianism and act utilitarianism (Paul & Elder, 2006). I find my personal code of ethics have a piece of both types of utilitarian. Under act utilitarianism, I find myself trying to bring a solution that is beneficial to all parties. Conversely, under rule utilitarianism, I take time to reason carefully while seeking a solution to a problem.
I feel obligated to the society to provide solutions that will be beneficial to all stakeholders. For instance, I strongly believe that people should follow the laid out rule of law. A person found to be in contravention of the rule of law should be punished or corrected according to the rule of law. For instance, Cox (2012) captures the flawed ideation propelled by inglorious revolutions like the ones experienced during the recent Arab Uprising in Arab nations. Participants in these revolutions were adamant in serial and ethnic killing. These forms of killings are unconstitutional and are not supported in the laid out rule of law. The law never accepts killing except in situations of self-defense. In line with this, no social setting should be allowed to steal or commit murder.
I understand that during revolutions a number of people end up losing their lives. Nevertheless, historical figures like Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi promoted peaceful revolutions with their opponents seeking opportunities to kill those involved. This proves that despite the call for change in governance, these changes do not necessarily have to be bloody. This moral principle can be applied in all situations since it offers people guidance on ways to conduct themselves in the wake of violent attacks. I feel obligated to assist the society in understanding the provisions established by various acts. I am obligated to provide simplistic understanding of the concept ethics and the rule of law.
Although relativism opposes absolutism, the idea that...

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