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Personal Ethics Development Paperxxx PHL/323 February 24, 2014 Dr. Vickie SimsIntroduction"Sound personal ethics are typically those that positively impact the experience of others when used to govern an individual's social or business related behavior, and at the very least, such ethics should not have a negative impact on others" (BusinessDictionary, 2014). In this paper I will discuss how my personal ethical system and ground rules were developed. What my influences were in shaping my values and the principles I live by. I will also discuss how the importance of ethics in business. Early Ethical Development To understand how my ethics developed I think it would be best if I provided a quick background of my childhood. My parents were divorce by the time I was two. My mom moved to Montana while my dad, brother, and I stayed in Colorado. My mom remarried when I was five to a great man. My dad moved us to Tennessee around when I was seven. My father began dating a woman with two children shortly after and a year or two later they married. A couple years after my father remarried, the atmosphere in my home was very stressful. My step mom was very southern, with a strict upbringing. Her philosophy was "This was how I was raised, so this is how I am going to raise you." There was no thought put into her actions, they were only reactions. Although I get along with her fine now she still has to justify her behavior from the past. At the age of eight I was doing my own laundry, cooking meals for the entire family twice a week, and extreme cleaning every weekend; not much time to be a kid. On my 12th birthday I was grounded for not dusting behind a picture in the corner of my desk. I have many stories like this, but the greatest thing about these experiences is that I learned from them. These memories are what motivated me to be different when it comes to parenting and how I treat people. My step father was the opposite. He was the strong, silent type. When he spoke every one listened. He and my mom had a very large impact on my life. They owned a restaurant/bar and a log home building company for over 25 years, in Montana. In the summers I would work for them. They taught me strong work ethic and what it meant to earn a dollar. During my teen years I was not sure who I was and desperately trying to figure it out. At the time, I thought I had it all figured out, but looking back I was clueless. I used derogatory remarks towards different ethnic groups not realizing how wrong it was and I was very homophobic. I knew it was wrong and no one else in my family acted like that. This type of behavior is still very common in the south, but I was determined to change my life. Revised Ethical Development Because I joined the Navy straight out of high school, I was given the opportunity to learn the true meaning of diversity and how important it is to our society. The stereotypes I was surrounded by growing up...

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