Personal Expeirence: Becoming A Counselor Essay

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I took a job at Gateway Rehabilitation five years removed from undergrad and the counseling field was polar extreme from my career in retail management I had left behind. This change allowed me to turn the page into a new chapter of my life with a very clean slate, which I could build off of accordingly. My background in criminology was a distant memory and the opportunity to be a counselor in an inpatient facility was very exciting, and very real. My first week of work was chaotic, a true trial by fire, but something about it truly intrigued me and kept me coming back for more. The rule of thumb was to spend the first six months learning the residential piece of inpatient tx, which ...view middle of the document...

In the process of looking for homerun advice to share with the patients my self concept had slowly began to change. It was strange, one day I woke up and realized that my priorities were different and I found value in things that were not on my radar before. The adult stabilization unit taught me how to be compassionate, it showed me empathy, and it introduced me to an integrity that I have never known. These concepts can not be learned in a books; They are engrained through blood, sweat, and tears. My entry level counseling position showed me how to be a better person that could more positively affect the people I come into contact with. In contrast, two years prior, I was simply looking to fix broken people. This transitional period really altered my perceptions and allowed me see differently. Carl Rogers would describe this as being transparent, for the first time in my life I felt as if my actions were congruent with my values, it was empowering. It was through this personal experience which lead me to associate counseling with a hands on humanistic approach and gods will. I believe a good Christian counselor is willing to continue to better himself, in order to serve his fellow man, and in turn, best serve god.

I believe it was Gods will for me to continue my education at a Christian faith based college as well. Geneva is night and day different from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, were I received my undergrad. Regardless, I am very happy I decided to take counseling theory my first semester, due to the fact, I can take what I have learned and very cautiously plug it in at work. In the second chapter we studied person-centered counseling and Carl Rogers. “Person-Centered counseling is an approach to helping individuals and groups based in the philosophy that a self-directed growth process follows the provisions and receptions of a special kind of relationship characterized by genuiness, nonjudgmental caring, and empathy. Trust is the fundamental and pervasive concept of person-centered counseling”(James Gilliard, 2003, p.16) I have been using this theory with our patients who are coming to our floor fresh from detox. At this junction our pts are still highly medicated and can be difficult to effectively communicate with. They are often emotional and times riddled with shame and guilt as well. A lot of these pts have become accustomed to be spoken down to and have little self-esteem at this point. Person-centered therapy allows this person an arena to let it out to somebody that is not judging them, and has a genuine unconditional positive regard towards them. I will let them vent it all out, while I listen empathetically, which for me consists of good eye contact, appropriate head nodding, and the occasional restatement of reflection of a deeper meaning. Ill then reassure them that they made the right decision in coming to treatment and the worst is now over. I think welcoming the pt to this new experience or back for fifty time is...

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