Personal Experience Encourages Self Reflection And Improves Self Awareness. Health Sciences And Medicine Assignment

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Personal Experience Encourages Self-Reflection and Improves Self-Awareness
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Medical errors are inevitable and common practices in medical care. These errors are mostly due to either system failures or individual failure to perform duties diligently due to lack of attention, knowledge, memory, skills or motivation. System failure occurs due to mistakes in the working environment or nature of work which is sometimes complex and uncertainty in making medical decisions in a timely manner. The society has directed much of its attention on the effect of this error on patients and failed to understand that these errors usually have a similar effect on health care providers who become distressed, shocked and remorseful. From each error, there is an opportunity for one to grow and learn so that there is no a repeat of error. Such an experience will help one undergo self-reflection and become more aware.
An event of medical error happened at Yale school of medicine after two doctors and surgeon were suspended for operating on the wrong body part of a woman. Deborah, a 60-year-old mother had a wrong rib removed after she woke up from a surgery. Two doctors and surgical doctor trainee were responsible for this action even though the site of operation had been clearly marked. Deborah visited the hospital to remove a cancerous lesion on one of her ribs. The site had been marked with metallic coil and colored dye around the tissue. The patient was at risk due to doctor’s negligence and Deborah complained of dire pain after the surgery. Furthermore, the patient’s life was at risk since she had to undergo another surgery the same day.
The medical...

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