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Personal Experience In Raising Children Essay

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A bond that a child has with their parents can never be match. The love a parent gives their child is priceless. But I believe that children, once grown up, owe nothing to the parents who raised them. I say this because even animals, which lack reason, provide love to their child without a need of repayment. I, also, have a sense of experience raising my brothers and sisters and can say they owe me nothing. Finally, a parent should provide care, love, and protection of harm for their child. If the parents do not raise their child with care, love, and protection then its up to the child to decide whether he or she will raise their child in a similar matter or not. Which can influence a child ...view middle of the document...

When I was five my sister was born, then my other sister when I was ten. Finally, my two baby brothers were born Greyson having a twelve-year difference and Jayson having a fourteen-year difference. Today, I will talk about my youngest brother Jayson. Growing up with Jayson was different from my other brothers and sister because he could pass as my son. He sees me as a role model and someone who provides him care, love, and protection from harm. I want the best for him and we have a strong bond. I cared for him as a crying baby, as a young toddler and most likely throughout his whole young life. I can say that when Jayson grows up he owes me nothing. Everything that I would have given him is his and I would never ask for a repayment. I care for him voluntarily out of love and not as an investment in his future. I will never ask for any sort of repayment for caring for him and he could choose not give me respect and I wouldn’t hate him if he decides to hate me. I would have provided my philosophy of life in him by how I act around him and towards him. He could choose to follow my example or reject it but I will always be his oldest brother.
Summing up Jayson example, I provide him with care, love, and protection. I believe that every parent should do the same, but sadly some parents don’t. I believe that a parental figure in a child’s early life is the most import aspect in a child’s development. I say this because of my personal experience. Most of my views on life come from my mother and father. I accepted many of their views and rejected some of them. So I believe that a child raised by horrible parents can reject the way of life that their parents lived. If a parent provides care, love and protection to their child their child could do the same for their child. Same if the parents did not provide care, love, and protection to a child. Once grown the child can reject their parent’s decision to withhold care, love, or protection and provide it for their child. How a child is raised can answer if the child owes anything to the parents that raised them. If raised poorly they might decide to hate the parents and decide not to give them anything. In contrast, a child raised...

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