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Personal Experience In Training And Development

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Personal review

This programme comes later in my life and career, so I have thought at length on my motivation for embarking on this. My main reason - I still strongly believe, even at this mature stage, this will open opportunities that have previously been closed off.

Working for 15 years as a Trainer and Lecturer in Further Education, I have acquired a keener awareness of learners’ personal development needs - which I view as one of my major strengths.

Previously I helped design then delivered a 9-unit training programme (I.T. and Customer Care) which was rigorously scrutinised by City & Guilds and accredited at Level 2. I found that an exhilarating phase and moving from training ...view middle of the document...

Areas for my professional development are:

• Research skills – fortunately the Advanced Practitioner Enquiry (WBS 4630) involves development of critical analysis skills
• Change management – which I can utilise to allay concerns with changes at the completion of this and future projects.
• Planning skills – to successfully elucidate and complete the negotiated work based learning project and I have researched project planning software and want one for a computer that has an App for use on a mobile device; so there will inevitably be a learning curve with the software and
• Electing a mentor module, if time permits, will enable me to support learners in their competitive efforts

A concern I have since reading where Workman (2010: 127) states, projects are typically based on real-time work demands, is my project is not part of my current job role. I will be negotiating specific permissions to access relevant individuals, additional time and resources.

However, knowledge and insights gained so far have already filtered into my practice and I am confident the additional knowledge and skills gained will be crucial to my CPD as I will be qualified to take on key, if not lead, roles in company projects and achieve my ambition to progress into the field of ‘Learning & Development’.


Workman, B. (2010) ‘Work based projects: what they are and how to do them’ in The Work-based Learning Student Handbook. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Word Count: 546

Structured Programme Agreement
1. Proposed Award Titles:

MA Professional Practice in Learning and Development in Further Education

2. Rationale for Proposed Specialised Work/Practice Title
The area of work covered is learning & development (L&D) within Further Education (FE), which accurately reflects the skillset used in my role. This programme allows progression - and is accredited CPD - to ensure learning/pastoral support to learners is effective.

3. Overview of the context and my learning requirements
As a FE Lecturer & Course Team Leader - for Entry 2 to Access - diverse learning strategies and resources are essential. Other key duties are students’ learning/individual needs; one-to-one support; feedback; monitoring progress; standardisation & programme management.

My learning needs are acquiring research, data analysis and project planning skills - plus mentoring skills as my role may well progress in that way.

4. Programme Aims:

 learning how to plan the timescales, scope and resources of a project effectively.
 conducting enquiries on the efficacy of support learners entering competitions receive, to identify their additional support needs.
 learning to utilise work-based research methods - and acquiring report writing skills - to make recommendations to introduce changes to enrich learners’ support.
 achieving all five learning outcomes at Level 6 and Level 7.
To obtain permission to consult learners and colleagues (and potentially external parties for a...

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