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Personal Experience Is The Best Teacher!

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Ever since the Constitution was established, the United States of America has had a system of Government that puts laws and restrictions in place to be able to watch over, and protect it’s citizens. In ancient times, there were kings, counselors, princes, and judges that all worked together to keep the kingdom in balance and in peace. They enforced laws and restrictions that helped them to be able to better watch over and protect the people. So to today, we have a similar Government except they are called by different names such as President, Vice President and further on. They all work towards the goal of keeping the citizens safe and alive. The Idaho State Legislature passed some laws that ...view middle of the document...

Both my driving instructor and my parents have said to me that most reckless driving comes from when people get behind the wheel. When someone puts their hands on the wheel they all of the sudden feel a huge flow of power. That power is something that is not to be messed with. Each day there are many cars on the road and each and every one of those cars is a moving weapon. Since every car is a moving weapon people need to know how to drive defensively. Maturity plays a big role in driving. A mature driver is going to use common sense, use what they have been taught, and they are going to obey the laws of the road. On the other hand an immature driver is going to get pulled over tons more than a mature driver for reckless driving. In school last trimester I overheard some guys talking about wanting to race
In addition with this it is now required to drive a minimum amount of 50 supervised hours before we can go in and get our license. During these hours people are able to get some experience on the road without an instructor and to further their learning with a parent. We all make mistakes when driving, but we learn from our mistakes. I am on a permit and have made a big mistake, though luckily for me there were no cops around to see me do it. My dad has engraved in my brain not to step on the brakes hard or to accelerate to fast or peel out. It ruins the brake pads and the tires, which adds up in big cash out of one of our pockets. When driving these required hours we may get pulled over, and we may not, if we do it will be a big learning experience. People all learn from our mistakes, which come from personal experience. The more personal experience people have with driving the better we all will get. Adult...

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