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Personal Experience: Me As A Writer

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I can remember the first day of school when I walked into Mrs. Means room and I wondered, “What am I going to learn this year?” Well, the answer to that question is a lot of information that will help me in the future, especially, how to make a great essay. This valuable information will take me into high school and beyond. This information is the roots of my writing that has made me greatly improved as a writer. This year I learned what kind of writing I like, how I write efficiently and fluently, and how I changed as a writer.
One thing I learned in writing class this year is what I do that I am good and not good at writing. For instance, I learned what my strengths were. I have found out ...view middle of the document...

All in all, what I do is both good, and not good; including my strengths, weaknesses, and the type of writing I like.
Another thing I notice in my writing is the way I write fluently and efficiently, and how I sometimes faltered. One of the ways I write is to focus on the big ideas. On example I think of is when I wrote my oral history project about the Vietnam War. When I was writing it, I thought of all the big ideas like, “Why did the war start?” or “How did the war end?” I used that strategy all the time in my writing. Thinking simplistically is what I think is key to good writing. Another strategy I use is to write all of my ideas on one piece of paper. This strategy helps because I can see what I actually have and pick and pull from that. I remember on my writing PSSA’s that I had wrote a lot of notes on my scrap paper. What people mostly do is only write a couple of things for their pre-writing. I think that is totally wrong. I believe getting everything down on paper is vital to a good piece. Lastly, the writing activity that gave me the most trouble is the Q1 book brochure. This project, if I can remember, was an assignment that required the student to be creative and show what kind of person they are. Well, the problem with me was that I do not like to express my feelings and be creative. This project was different from the normal essay and I really did not excel in it. I remember doing something similar to this in sixth grade for social studies. I do not remember doing a good job on it. Overall, I noticed that I used many strategies when I wrote and times where I did poorly; sticking with big ideas, getting everything down on paper and Q1 book brochure that gave me trouble.
Along with my strengths and strategies, I can also see how I changed as a writer. I noticed a difference from how I wrote in September, from how I write now. In...

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