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Personal Experience: My Mother Had Cancer

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Personal statement
Emptiness, confusion, uncertainty, suspense, but above all, fear. These emotions hit me like lightning, and they were definitely too much to handle for an 11 year old. Cancer, my mother said, her tone was almost mellow. I knew that she was sick, but cancer? Breast cancer, in fact, it took me a very long time to process such a short sentence. Immediately I knew it was the last day I could cry. My mother did not need a baby crying; she already had my sisters to care for, not to mention herself. That same afternoon, right after I hugged my mother and lied to myself that everything was going to be just fine, I knew I was a different person. But it was 5 years later when I ...view middle of the document...

I had been strong for myself; I had been my own support. But 2 years later my mom was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. All the strength I build from her first cancer was broken in to little pieces, I thought that life was just being unfair to me. But after a while I remember how strong my mother is and I followed her example and built back my strength and walk with her through the process again.
Since this episodes, I have learned to appreciate every single day, every little thing that touches my life. All are experiences that have developed a new perspective in me.
My mother taught me, through her fight with 2 cancers, that the real strength comes from within. A disease like cancer can change not only the person who has it but also all the people who surround her From then on I never took anything for granted, and valued my mother and look up to her. She taught me during her journey more than any class has ever taught me. She lives every day to the fullest, even during the treatments when she was in...

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