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Personal Experience: My Weaknesses And Strenghts As A Writer

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” –Nelson Mandela. Some people say that change is a bad thing, and some say that change is a blessing. Change is what makes us human. It is what enables us to grow wiser and stronger, and it is also what allows us to love, hate, and grow. I have grown so much since I have started the eighth grade in ways that I love, and ways that I have not yet recognized. I have learned and changed greatly throughout mathematics, science, and history, but I have learned the most about writing properly. Throughout the year, I have changed and recognized my strengths and weaknesses as a writer, my strategies and my progression, and ...view middle of the document...

Before I came to my wonderful Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Means, my writing was horrendous. She taught me grammar and how to write, which solved many of my writing problems. Through all of the writing assignments and tests/quizzes on grammar, my writing has improved immensely. She has taught me how and what many grammar subjects look like. For example conjunctions, verb tenses, objectives, independent and dependent clauses, direct objects, indirect objects, predicate nominatives, and the list continues to grow. Even though I have been taught so much, these areas still give me trouble and I wish to keep improving these areas throughout my entire life. The last thing that I have discovered is the writing I enjoy and the writing that troubles me. The specific type of writing that I enjoy the most is historical fiction. I love the setting and how it ties into real historical events that actually happened. I also like how the author will incorporate a whole new set of characters and a wonderful plot that leads into real events. A good example is from a novel titled The Alchemyst which stated that while a magician was running away from a necromancer in Ireland, the necromancer accidently released the famine that caused the Irish Potato Famine which was an actual event but the characters in the novel are not real and had nothing to do with the Irish Potato Famine. That is the writing that I enjoy reading the most. My favorite kind of writing as the writer is non fictional essays like the OHRP essay. The type of writing that I dislike or gives me trouble is poetry. There are only a few reasons that it gives me trouble and one is that I do not understand completely. The biggest reason that poetry gives me trouble is I simply do not enjoy writing it or reading it. All in all, I am glad that I have found my strengths and weaknesses as a writer and most content with finding what type of writing I enjoy and what type of writing gives me trouble.
Other things that has been changed or recognized this year are my writing process, my strategies, and my progress this year. One of the qualities of my writing that has changed the most is my writing process. Before I came to eighth grade, my writing was awful. A big part of it being awful was that I did not have a very good writing process. I would start writing and I would just try to piece things together, and the result was not pretty. I did not start with a graphic organizer, I did not have a clear plan of how and what I was going to write, and I most importantly did not use magic three. Of course that all changed as soon as I stepped into Mrs. Means classroom, but it took a while to start doing the right things that I was not used to doing with my writing. I finally have it down pat and I now use a writing process that Mrs. Means has spent most of her life using and improving. Another quality of my writing that has changed has been my strategies while writing. Like I said before, I did not plan or draw out...

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