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Personal Experience: Students Should Participate In Artistic Activities

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On April 14, 1992, a baby was brought into the world healthy and cared for by two loving parents. Unfortunately this child’s world changed after her second birthday when she had her first grand mal seizure that was documented to have lasted for twenty minutes. While receiving hospital treatment, she would have a seizure almost every hour or every day, then after two weeks the seizures stop, but she remained in a coma for a month. This girl’s condition was diagnosed as Epilepsy which is defined as a nervous system disorder by which the nerve cell activity is disturbed that causes the seizure to occur with symptoms of unconsciousness, abnormal behavior, and other sensations (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2003). The brain damage was difficult to measure, but the doctors estimated that this little girl would never be able to walk, talk, read, or write. Because of the parent’s involvement, this child also obtained the same attitude to challenge any topic within the academic programs offered. However, the rate of success in other academic subjects was possible because the involvement with the arts during her early education.
Schools are continually removing the opportunities for students to participate in artistic pursuits for the reasons of false accusation that art has no benefit toward children’s education. However, this result has caused more academic harm then benefit based on the dropout rates during high school or overly stressed students. The reasons for the dropouts are either because the student does not enjoy school, continually participates in inappropriate behavior that influence the consequences of suspension or expelled (Santrock, 2012, p. 336). If the students had an experience of flow that Csikszentmihalyi discusses in his theory of Talented Teens in hobbies of interest that same flow experience will start to occur in the most unexpected moments such as during class learning science or math. Actually when making the graphs for their research, Csikszentmihalyi and his association discovered that music provides a stronger motivation than math or science influence in teenagers (Csikszentmihalyi, Rathunde, & Whalen, 1997, p. 143). This motivation is the key to any adolescence success if desiring to continue to pursue future higher education. Though this is not the teachers’ fault within the classroom, educators can take an influence on their students’ success through discovering what type of topic influences such feelings of greater motivation to investigate further.
There are many strategies that teachers can do to create a learning environment for every child despite their challenging behavior or specific learning needs. The first strategy is to create an environment that influences different part of the brain to participate for every type of students different learning strategies. Studies have shown that art within a class, especially during the early elementary years, exposes students to different cultural ideas that challenge them to problem...

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