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Personal Experience: Team Fuqua Essay

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In 2009, I first thought about pursuing MBA and started gathering information about different business schools. Fuqua was visiting India at that time and I got the chance to attend my first ever business school information session. It was there I first heard about “Team Fuqua” and interacted with a couple of Fuquans to learn about their Fuqua experiences. In fact, till date, I have attended four Fuqua’s information sessions and also interacted with a few alumni, Ayush Khanna, a current second year student, and Aruna Yadav, a friend who is currently on exchange at Fuqua.
I was surprised that each alumnus mentioned more about “Team Fuqua.” I got to know that Fuqua attracts the students that are generally very helpful and are ready to work together to enhance the learning experiences of each other. Hence, Fuqua’s culture is very collaborative rather than competitive. The Fuquans explained to me that this collaborative environment is very important because one can learn as much from his or her classmates as from his or her classes. They also told me that it was the life and work experiences of their classmates that actually helped them to enhance their understanding of real world applications of management concepts.
Through these interactions, I understood that “Team Fuqua” culture is primarily the attitude of students where they think about “we” first instead of “I.” I believe that it’s only possible because Fuqua through its course structure and culture has always provided a conducive and collaborative learning environment and hence maintained a tightly knit Fuqua community. This collaborative learning environment really excites me because I have always been able to learn and perform better in team environment. I am sure that “Team Fuqua” will not only enhance my understanding of management concepts but also enable me to share my learning from my diverse work experience to enhance my classmates’ learning. Also, studying in a team focused learning environment for two years will help me to perform better collectively as a team and hone my team skills. Since these skills are two most sought after soft skills in consulting industry, I would be better prepared to start a career in consulting. In fact, I would also like to share my cross-cultural sensitivity and my experiences of working in virtual and multi-functional teams with my ILE teams and help them prepare better for their career. Considering all these, the concept of “Team Fuqua” is a big differentiator for me and is my primary motivation to apply to Fuqua.
Though I have remotely worked with people from all major continents, I now feel a need to live outside India and interact closely with people from different nations to look things from different perspectives and develop a global mind-set. Fuqua’s global focus and international and diverse student community will expose me to situations where in I will need to not only look at things from a global outlook but also understand...

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