Personal Experience Visiting A Cancer Unit At A Hospital

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Sitting in this room, it’s cold; and there’s nothing you can do. Shivering, and wondering “Why am I here today?” The clock going “Tick Tock” “Tick Tock”; time is just the passing by. You are twiddling your fingers. The doctor comes in with unexpected news, and his expression painted upon his face didn’t look too good. There are so many things running through your head, and just when you thought everything was going as expected,----- this happens. You are still seated, and you are in complete bewilderment, who would’ve thought a six letter word could be so deadly!
Every saturday, each patient come as one at St. Jude Children’s Hospital. The children have their own identities that make them unique, and sharing their similarities of their sickness bringing them closer together as a whole. On the outside, it’s just an dull building with vibrant red letters on it, but on the inside there are so many distinctive personalities, joyous smiles, and what about the passionate workers?. The smiles beam upon these children’s faces; new patients, old patients they are all there fighting for their life.. Walking in as an inexperienced person of research of Cancer, I realized that everyone has a story, and sometimes people can’t help the circumstances they are in.
The six letter word intrigues me the most------- CANCER that is. Cancer is a sensitive topic, because it is as fatal as poison. Cancer has no cure at all. Any type of Cancer can kill you basically, and it’s very common to get cancer, because it’s not realized until you visit the doctor’s office. Cancer is not only lethal now in modern day, it has been present for a while now. I look at all the diseases that are starting to become more common in today, and Cancer is the worst ones out of all of them. There are a plethora of different types of cancer: whether it’s Breast Cancer, Lung cancer, or even Brain Cancer. It’s the cells of the body that accumulate and turn into Cancer. Anyone can have Cancer, and that is why it’s very important to make sure the signs and symptoms are checked; not only at home, but also when visiting a doctor. I am determined to get the inside scoop on what a typical Cancer patient goes through in life, I can start to take my body and eating diet to a whole new level of seriousness, because I don’t want to be a victim of Cancer.
The only type of Cancer I am familiar with has to be Breast Cancer, because I’ve had friends and teachers that have been diagnosed with this type of Cancer. Every male and female should check their breast to feel any lumps or hardness within the inner layer. Personally, It shocked me to hear that when they say anyone can get Cancer, that includes the guys too.I think men observing their breast is really out of the ordinary, because it’s unusual for a man to have breast let alone Breast Cancer. Cancer is not one of those diseases that came from the foreign countries. Cancer happens to be in full effect, because of the DNA and...

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