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Personal Experience With Human Behavior Essay

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The purpose of this research assignment is to reflect and discuss the authors personal experiences about human behavior and link them to theory and research. To examine and provide insight about the changing experiences as a member of a small in-class experimental group; Apply various topics taught in Behaviour In Groups (Psyc 3430) and investigate the various experiential learning opportunities about behavior in-class groups.
The author had experiences about two in-class groups - Group 4, “Jordan’s get it done” and Group 20 “Procrastination”. The demographics of both groups were quite similar as the members were all York University students. Group 4 consisted of members A, B, and C (males aged 21-26) and member D (36 year old female). Group 20 consisted of members A, E, and F (males aged 23-27) and members G and H (females aged 22-25).
I. Group Formation and Structure
Group Development
When new members joined Group 4 the author observed various effects on group development. The addition of group members ‘reset’ the group and/or created a new group that was completely separate and unique from the original. When new members joined, the old relationship about members deteriorated and new relationships emerged. These effects were experienced in Group 4 with the addition of new members - In class #2 member C joined and in class #3 member D joined. Changes in group composition created tension about the older group members, decreased confidence and stressed performance as the author observed by member communication patterns and behaviors. New members joining the group greatly interfered with the completion of in-class assignments as meeting new members and introductions about the groups norms and roles took a time to redevelop.
McCarter MW, Sheremeta RM (2013) claim “Newcomers negatively affect a group’s ability to coordinate efficiently because trust declines among the group members.” In the study participants were put in groups of four to play a coordination game. After playing the game two members were removed and replaced with two new members and asked to play the game again. They found that replacing old members with new ones decreased trust across the group resulting in lower performance. These effects were mitigated if the old members and newcomers knew about each others performance history.
The study by McCarter MW (2013) is relevant to Group 4 because similar events about individuals joining or leaving the group resulted in confidence and performance stress. As indicated by McCarter MW (2013) it would have been beneficial if Group 4’s old and new members knew more about each others performance history so as to coordinate more efficiently and maintain trust among members.
Collaboration Between Group Members
In Group 20, the author observed member E’s eager intentions to get work done and take on every task. Member E was very vocal and tried to be involved in everything. However, member E did not actively listen to other...

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